Top Quality

We value first-class quality without compromise - at an affordable price. Using selected ingredients, we develop luxurious textures that comply with the latest technological standards. High-quality, artistic packaging perfects our products.

Sensational Diversity of colors and products

A broad spectrum of fantastic colors, brand new must-haves and beauty classics complemented by innovative special products that fulfill even the most unusual requirements optimally: Our diverse range of decorative cosmetics offers endless opportunities to emphasize individual beauty.


ARTDECO places the greatest importance on the personal wishes of women. This is because cosmetics are as individual as the character of each woman. The uniqueness of each woman is reflected in the unique composition of our diverse product range.


The revolutionary refillable system is at the heart of our collection. Timelessly beautiful beauty boxes are filled according to desire with eyeshadows, blushers or camouflage. So every woman can put her own favorite colors together in a palette and vary them at any time she likes. The epitome of individual cosmetics.

Speciality products

Our numerous specialty products are created to solve minor beauty problems. The Eyeshadow Base for extremely durable eyeshadow, the Magic Fix to combat leaking lipstick or camouflage, and a makeup providing ultra coverage are just a few of these. In addition to the comprehensive basic range, these specialty cosmetics make our brand unique.