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Helmut Baurecht founds the ARTDECO company in Karlsfeld near Munich, fulfilling his life-long dream. Our products are initially only available from cosmetic institutes. From 1986 onward, they are also available from perfume stores. In our founding year, our flagship product is launched: the Beauty Box with its refillable system.


Only two years after it is founded, ARTDECO goes international. In 1987, ARTDECO France is launched. In 1992, it is followed by the founding of ARTDECO Italia s.r.l. The first steps on the road to the brand's global success.


According to the IRI, ARTDECO is the market leader in the German selective market. With our unique product selection, ARTDECO is one of Germany's favorite make-up brands.


We extend our range to hand and foot care products. In the same year, Helmut Baurecht wins the „World Cup“ of the beauty world for his unique brand concept.


For special merits in the field of professional cosmetics, Helmut Baurecht is honored with the „A Life of Beauty“ award.


A year for innovation: We launch the SkinYoga and PureMinerals range, an innovative skin care range containing minerals. In the same year, we introduce the ARTDECO glasses collection, Eye Couture.


We open our own branded online shop with a fresh new design. Now the entire ARTDECO range is available online 24/7.


ARTDECO turns 30. We celebrate our thirtieth anniversary with a limited edition best-selling collection and lots of special offers.

ARTDECO is the uncontested market leader in Germany in the areas of decorative cosmetics and nail care. We are proud to call ourselves one of Germany's favorite cosmetic brands. All over the world, women in 70 countries use our make-up to realize their true individual beauty.