High quality ARTDECO Make-up applicators

ARTDECO Make-up Applicator

High-quality ARTDECO make-up applicators help you quickly applying fabulous eye make-up. High-quality, synthetic foam tips enable you to precisely apply eyeshadow as you hide lines and layer shades onto your eyelids. You can also get all the matching mini-applicators for the Beauty Boxes. The small sponge is especially practical as it can be easily cleaned and replaced. To clean your applicators, simply add a little Foam Cleanser to water and gently scrub the applicators with this foam mixture. Then, rinse the foam off the applicators with water, and gently dry them with a soft cloth. Whether you want Smoky Eyes, a natural look or shimmering party make-up, ARTDECO make-up applicators can help you create an irresistible, seductive look.


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