Sunshine Eyeshadow
Sunshine Eyeshadow  

Sunshine Eyeshadow

Powder Eyeshadow with Design




  • 15 - coconut
  • 21 - sand beach
  • 26 - blazing sun
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The Sunshine Eyeshadow has a particularly pleasant texture, whose extra-fine pearl and selected pigmentation combine to create the ultimate color result. The soft texture can be applied evenly on the eyelid, distributed very well and perfectly concealed. Good color transfer and long-lasting, intensive coloring strength provide your eyelids with a play of color, as can be generated only by the sun. Thanks to the flexible texture and the targeted color selection, the individual, harmonious colors can be optimally combined and mixed together according to order. A special design developed by ARTDECO rounds out the product and underlines its uniqueness – an eyeshadow is like a real piece of jewellery that will attract attention

Fragrance-free, Lanolin-free, Paraben-free. Dermatologically tested

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  • Apply the desired color to the eyelid using an eyeshadow applicator or an eyeshadow brush. Durability and coloring strength are enhanced by using an eyeshadow base.

    For a natural look you can, for example, distribute the bright color over the whole lid and shade using reddish and brown colors. Or you can create accents at the corner of the eye that bring out the radiance of the eyes.