Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss
  1. Lip Gloss Hot Chili Lip Booster


  2. Lip Gloss Metallic Mat Lip Color


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  3. Lip Gloss Glamour Gloss


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  4. Lip Gloss Glossy Lip Volumizer


ARTDECO Lip Gloss - for fresh, kissable lips

Magical ARTDECO Lip Gloss

High-quality ARTDECO lip glosses quickly give your lips a fresh look. Lip gloss can be worn all day long. You can wear ARTDECO lip gloss on its own, or add a shiny gloss to your lipstick. ARTDECO Lip Brilliance gives your lips a long lasting, brilliant shine. Conjure up full, kissable lips with Hydra Lip Booster’s brilliant touch of color on your lips. Glamour Gloss gives you a glamorous, sensational finish. ARTDECO lip glosses are both comfortable to wear and nourish your lips. Lip gloss makes small lips look fuller as lip gloss reflects light. Your lips will also look beautifully smooth and soft. For perfectly shaped lips, apply ARTDECO Invisible Lip Contour before adding lip gloss. Conjure up shine and nourishment with ARTDECO lip gloss!


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