Lip Specials

Lip Specials
  1. Lip Specials Magic Fix


  2. Lip Specials Hot Chili Lip Booster


  3. Lip Specials Lip Filler Base


  4. Lip Specials Glossy Lip Finish


  5. Lip Specials Powder Lip Finish


  6. Lip Specials Lip Powder Base


  7. Lip Specials Lip Powder


    available colors:

  8. Lip Specials Most Wanted Lip Palette


    available colors:

  9. Lip Specials Lip Glitter


    available colors:

ARTDECO Lip Specials - kissable lips as if from professional makeup artists

ARTDECO Lip Specials

Learn professional makeup artist secrets with the Lip Specials: Lip Booster, Lip Base, and Magic Fix. Makeup artists swear by lip primer. In order to neutralize natural color, lip base is applied before lipstick or lip gloss. Thus, even on dark lips, light lipsticks can shine brightly. ARTDECO Lip Bases smooths and pampers delicate lip skin with nurturing extracts. Whether you want classic red lips, subtle nude lips, or bright, trendy colors, ARTDECO Lip Base perfectly prepares your lips for makeup. ARTDECO makeup artists use the Hot Chili Lip Booster to create seductive, full lips. ARTDECO lip gloss with volume effect gives maximum volume and intense shine. Now only the final professional touch remains: the fixation. Makeup artists add ARTDECO Magic Fix for long lasting and water-resistant lip makeup.