Beauty Boxes

Beauty Boxes

ARTDECO Beauty Box - practical, glamorous, refillable

ARTDECO Beauty Box

The elegant ARTDECO Beauty Box keeps your eyeshadow, blush and camouflage secure. Thanks to its ingenious magnet system, you can customize your beauty box to meet your individually needs. For example, you can replace or combine eyeshadow, blush and camouflage. ARTDECO Beauty Box is available in five different sizes. Depending on the size, ARTDECO Beauty Box can hold twelve, six, four, three or two eyeshadows. Blush and camouflage are both the same size as three eyeshadows. The sturdy beauty boxes are high quality and can always be refilled. Because it also includes a mirror, the ARTDECO Beauty Box is perfect for touching up your makeup on the go. Not only is the Beauty Box extremely practical, but it is also a beautifully decorated accessory in your makeup bag. Create your own cosmetic treasure box with ARTDECO Beauty Box.


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