Color Correcting Stick
Color Correcting Stick  

Color Correcting Stick

Water-proof make-up stick. Neutralizes skin discolorations for a perfectly balanced and immaculate complexion.




  • 4 - lavender
  • 7 - yellow
  • 2 - green
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Color correcting base to achieve the perfect make-up complexion: The precise Color Correcting Stick neutralizes skin discolorations, spots or blemishes after the principle of color theory: Green neutralizes red undertones, lavender combats a yellow, pallid complexion, yellow combats a blueish tint and apricot neutralizes darker and olive toned parts. The texture dries quickly onto a water-proof finish and lasts forever - even in saltwater. For a immaculate complexion!

Product details at a glance:

  • Handy pen for pinpoint color correcting
  • Neutralizes and conceals skin discolorations, spots or blemishes after the principle of color theory
  • Available in four colors:
    Green: Reduces redness.
    Lavender: Corrects a tired, pallid and yellow complexion and creates a fresh and immaculate complexion.
    Yellow: Minimizes extremely dark pigmentations spots and blueish dark circles.
    Apricot: Corrects dark spots and dark circles. Also suitable for more olive-colored skin types.
  • Extremely long-lasting. Smudge and water-proof - even in saltwater!
  • Can be sharpened for a more precise and sanitary application

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Apply the corresponding Color Correcting Stick onto the desired skin area and blend the edges with the Medium Oval Brush Premium Quality or with your fingers. After 3 to 5 minutes the Color Correcting Stick becomes fully water-proof.

    Important: Seal the stick with its cap after usage to keep it soft and malleable.